Tuesdays at 5:30pm at Paddlewheel Park

Update: As of January 2020 we have simplified our mission statement: Jesus. Community. Service. We haven't changed anything about our values, vision, or action so everything below is still true. However, we will be communicating our mission in a way that is a little shorter and easier to remember.

Vision flows from values and action flows from vision.

Our primary value is the person of Jesus Christ. His is the name that is above all names (Philippians 2:9). We are absolutely enamoured with Jesus Christ. We love who he is. We love everything that he has done. We believe that everything of value is found in Jesus.

Because our core value is Jesus, our vision is to see his gospel proclaimed. We want as many people as possible to know about Jesus and what he has done for them. We think everybody should love Jesus and our goal is to give everyone that opportunity.

If our value is Jesus and our vision is his gospel then our action must be to teach and preach that gospel. Teaching has been a hallmark of every church everywhere ever since the early church in Jerusalem. In this, we are no different. Each service will feature a sermon where the focus is on Jesus Christ and what he has accomplished.

We can only make a credible claim to love Jesus if we love what he loves. Jesus loves people and so we love people. This is our second core value. If we build a great institution but fail to love people we will have failed (1 Corinthians 13). Love for people must be central to everything we do.

After the gospel, our greatest need is community. Our vision is to create, and be, a community that is like a healthy family. We desire a community that goes much deeper than spending an hour together once per week. Instead, it is our intention to create a community where the explicit expectation is one of deep personal integration of life together.

Of course, every church wants to build deep community; how will Broken Bread be different? Our observation from scripture, from experience, from history, and from other cultures is that meals are an indispensable tool for building community. Thus, one of the primary cultural distinctives of Broken Bread is a shared meal as a central part of each service. In a family, mealtime is often the nexus of life together. Why should this be different in our church family?

Our third core value is “kingdom”. We long for, as Jesus put it, “Your kingdom come, Your will be done” (Matthew 6:9). Jesus is at work in the world and here in Prince George; we get to be a part of that. When Jesus came, he established his kingdom and then calls the church to go expand it into all nations (Matthew 28:19). There is a reason that this commission is called “great”; this is the core task which Jesus has given the church.

Now because we value the work of the kingdom, the vision for our gospel community is to be on mission together. It is not enough for each of us to be on mission individually, we will be far more effective as we do it as one body with one mind. Doing it together will help build our sense of community.

Jesus came to us as a servant and calls us to follow his example (Mark 10:42-45). It follows then that if our vision is to be on mission with Jesus, and we love people, then what we need to do is serve people. Serving our community here in Prince George will always be a central part of our activities. What this looks like exactly will change over time, but the plan will stay the same: love and serve the people of our city and of our world.

Thus, the following three statements describe our values, vision, and actions:

Values Statement: Jesus. People. Kingdom.
Vision Statement: Gospel. Community. Mission.
Action Statement: Teaching. Eating. Serving.