2024-02-20 Update

With mixed emotions we announce that Broken Bread Church is no longer meeting.

As this season ends we are obviously grieving a loss but we look back with joy over everything Jesus did in us and through us over the past 5 years. We rejoice over every life that we were able to walk together with and hope that, in some measure, we were able to be a blessing to each of them. We are eternally thankful for everyone who supported us so faithfully and in so many ways; as usual with these sort of things, there are far too many people to even begin to list but we want to specifically thank Brenden Ferreira who has been a rock of support for us and Gods call on our lives.

It is also with a good deal of relief that we are entering a time of rest. It turns out running a church is hard! This dream and calling has dominated the entirety of our 16 years of marriage and we are excited about what God has for us next. We are not discouraged about what was ... but encouraged at where God is going to lead us in the days and years ahead. Jesus is still alive and we continue to look to Him as our hope for the future.

As for the future of Broken Bread Church ... it is not 'all dead' only 'mostly dead'. There's a big difference between mostly dead and all dead. Mostly dead is slightly alive. We will see what the Holy Spirit says and does over the next year or so.

And for us, for this season, we have committed ourselves to the family that goes by the name His Church led by Joel and Stephanie Baerg. His Church meets Sunday mornings at 10:00am in the same building as The King's In Biblestore (4350 15th Ave). If you are looking for a church home you are more than welcome to come join us then and there. The past few weeks they have welcomed us with arms wide open.

We worship a great God who has been so good to us.

Love you all.

Jeff & Elaine Paetkau