Thank you so much for considering supporting Elaine and I as we plant Broken Bread, a new church in Prince George. Our hope is that this effort will result in many lives being changed by the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We cannot accomplish everything we aim to do by ourselves. First-and-foremost, it is Jesus who builds his church (Matthew 16:18)! However, Jesus builds using regular people like you and me (Romans 10:14). If we are to succeed, we will need many people like you to support us in many different ways.


We need people to join our core and team launch teams. We need financial support and resources. We need support from lawyers, accountants, and other professionals. We need encouragement. We need a building to meet in. We need a thousand other things that we don’t even know about yet. We need prayer.

We're sure you have many questions; So do we! Many things remain unknown. We have, and continue to develop, a solid plan and to the extent that we have answers, we have attempted to document them here. We will try to answer the basic who, what, why, when, where, and how questions. Of course, things change and we expect that many things outlined here will evolve as we continue to build on this vision together.

In Christ,
Jeff & Elaine Paetkau


Why Plant a Church

I want you to think of a name. The name of someone you love. The name of someone who doesn’t love Jesus. Someone you pray for often.

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Our Vision

Jesus. People. Kingdom.
Gospel. Community. Mission.
Teaching. Eating. Serving.

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A Picture

Teaching. Eating. Serving. Let’s flesh that out a little. What does that look like week-to-week?

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Church planting church plant

We believe Prince George needs not just one but lots of new churches. We are praying for 10 new churches in the next 10 years. Prince George is a major strategic centre for the entire of northern BC. If we, and other churches in the city, can successfully reach strategic sub-communities – including university students, aboriginal leaders, those in the local media, and others – we can reach the entire north with the gospel.

Also, many people from Prince George feed into the larger (and even more strategic) centres of Vancouver and Victoria. From there influence extends into all of Canada, and indeed the world! It is important to look beyond our local context into how we can help the gospel penetrate deeper in these cities.

Our intention is to be a church planting church plant. We hope to plant another church within the first few years of our existence. This will be part of our teaching and messaging right from day 1. Eventually we hope to send planters all over Prince George, northern BC, and into BC’s major cities.


Finding the right location will be a major challenge. In my role as board president of the Pregnancy Care Centre, I spent 2 years searching before we found the right location! Broken Bread will require all the usual things a church plant needs plus we will need adequate facilities to prepare and consume a meal together with room to grow. Oh, and not too expensive would be nice!

Also, where we locate will effect who we attract as well. Any decision we make will be convenient for some people and exclusive for others. We will need to carefully and strategically pray for the right location.

Launch Date

We anticipate needing about 6 to 8 months to complete all the prep work that will be required to get this church off to the best possible start. Our hope is to take advantage of the extra energy of the back-to-school season by launching in August or September 2018. However we are holding this somewhat loosely. Broken Bread is being delayed. See the note on the activity page for details.